MEDITECH Offers Expanse Ambulatory Customers Its Scheduled Virtual Visits Functionality to Combat COVID-19

MEDITECH offers Expanse Ambulatory and Patient Portal users complimentary deployment of our Scheduled Virtual Visits functionality for a six-month period.

In an effort to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic, MEDITECH is pleased to offer all customers installed with the Expanse Ambulatory and Patient Portal solutions a complimentary deployment of its Scheduled Virtual Visits software capabilities, free of charge for a six-month period. This solution, deployed through our rapid response team, can assist customers in battling the spread of the virus during this extraordinarily challenging time, reducing unnecessary risk to others and identifying the patients in need of care.

How Virtual Visits Help Limit Spread

As healthcare organizations grapple with the new realities of the pandemic, many are turning to virtual visits as providers brace for an influx of patients with suspected cases. Virtual visits is one method to help reduce the volume of patients arriving unexpectedly in the ED or physician’s office where they risk infecting other patients and staff. Instead, providers can practice social distancing by screening and treating patients remotely and directing them to the safest and most appropriate testing location, including the increase in drive-up testing.

The unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 pandemic has the potential to put a strain on healthcare and healthcare resources, and we must all do our part to assist in any way possible to manage this crisis. In partnership with customers, we want to offer guidance on how to use the MEDITECH EHR to address demands as quickly as possible, using remote technologies like virtual visits.

Help Contain the Spread

Virtual visits are one way to help to reduce the spread of the infection at hospitals, clinics, and medical offices by keeping at-risk patients out of crowded waiting rooms. To further promote social distancing, routine office visits that may not require in-person consultations can now be performed virtually. As the pandemic grows, virtual visits help practices respond more quickly to patients in need of immediate guidance, and prioritize those in the most critical condition. They also mitigate the potential exposure to nurses and other front-line staff, who are critical resources in the fight against this pandemic.

In addition to the above, MEDITECH is working closely with all customers and customer-led forums in a variety of ways to ensure they can leverage the power and potential of the EHR to manage through this crisis. We will continue to take proactive measures to assist customers in their efforts around data capture, clinical decision support, the utilization of surveillance, status boards and clinical analytic tools.

For more information on how MEDITECH’s EHR is providing guidance and decision support for COVID-19, please see our recent News announcements. We have provided guidance on all MEDITECH platforms and will continue to do so.

Should you have strong examples and outcomes from your organizational efforts, please share them with us and we will be sure to promote them with our other customers.

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