Partner Level Sponsor – $2,500 Annual Contribution

  • 2 Complimentary admission to the Fall Conference
  • Exhibit space guaranteed at Fall Conference
  • “Ignite Talk” opportunity at one of our conference events
  • Regional Event, choose one (2 complimentary admissions)
  • Partner sponsor recognition and signage at the following events
    • August 9, 2020, Regional event in Charleston, SC
    • November 1, 2019 Fall Conference, Columbia,SC
    • January 2020 regional event, Greenville, SC (event date TBD)
    • March 9-13th ,2020 HIMSS National Chapter Reception, Orlando, FL (event date TBD)
    • April 2020 Advocacy Day, date depending on legislative calendar and National HIT week
    • May 2020,Spring Fling (event date and location TBD)Recognition at the following:
      • National HIMSS Chapter Networking Event
      • State Advocacy Day
      • All regional events
      • Sponsor recognized as a contributor to the SC HIMSS Scholarship program
      • Website advertising with 12 month presence on website
      • Company logo on the SC HIMSS

      Additional Sponsorship Opportunities offered as add-on to the above:

      • Meal Sponsor $1500 – Includes (1) event pass
      • Event Bag sponsor $1000 – Includes (1) event pass
      • Reception or Snack Sponsor $500 – Includes (1) event pass

      2019-2020 SC HIMSS Calendar of Events

    We truly thank you for your consideration and participation in our SC HIMSS chapter. Your partnership has demonstrated a high level of commitment to Healthcare IT in our state and adds great value to our mission of providing continual education to the SCHIMSS Chapter members.* Your sponsorship will be valid for a rolling 12 months starting upon receipt of funding, is valid for fiscal year 2019 – 2020 which includes participation in one fall conference per year. The South Carolina HIMSS Chapter Board reserves the right to decline any and all sponsorship offers. SCHIMSS Calendar of events and dates are subject to change. All marketing content must be board approved

    Apply online or download our SC HIMSS Sponsorship Packages 2019-2020 Form.