Endoscopic Procedures and Mental Health Care Pathways Added

Toronto, ON – June 7, 2022 – SeamlessMD, a leading Digital Care Journey platform for hospitals and health systems, today announced the expansion of its digital care plan library to include endoscopy and mental health. The evidence-based out-of-the-box care plan templates were developed in-house using the company’s proprietary, clinically-focused methodology and supports best practices for health literacy, health behaviour change, adult education, and online accessibility. Health systems can use the out-of-the box care plans, or they can easily customize them to match their own care protocols.

The endoscopy care plan covers colonoscopy, upper endoscopy (EGD), and sigmoidoscopy procedures, ensuring patients are well-prepared, reducing cancellations and no-shows. The mental health digital care plan covers a range of conditions such as anxiety, OCD, PTSD, depression, substance use disorder, problem gambling, and concurrent disorders, with a focus on helping patients self-manage in the community and enabling providers to help sooner before a patient needs an ED visit or readmission. Both care plans include symptom monitoring, evidence-based education, reminders and to-do lists, and are customized to match each care pathway.

Based on the latest statistics available from the National Institute of Mental Health Disorders, part of the National Institutes of Health, mental health disorders account for several of the top causes of disability including major depression (also called clinical depression), manic depression (also called bipolar disorder), schizophrenia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. An estimated 26% of Americans ages 18 and older — about 1 in 4 adults — suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year.1

“Our mental health care plan is built to support vulnerable patients and reduce barriers to treatment especially for patients in underserved or rural areas as care teams can remotely monitor and virtually connect with them throughout their digital care journey to proactively intervene, if necessary,” explained Denice Koo, Vice President, Patient Education. “We’re excited to add these two new digital care plans as an extension of our existing interactive patient program library covering cardiovascular, bariatric, cardiology, chronic care, colorectal, gastroenterology, gynecology, maternity care, orthopedics, surgical oncology, urology, thoracic, general, and GI surgery, oncology, and more to further support our health system partners as they deploy digital patient self-management solutions across all episodes of care.”

With hospitals and health systems under immense pressure to achieve operational efficiencies, increase revenue, combat staffing challenges, and optimize the patient experience, digital care journeys that directly integrate with leading EHR solutions and leverage evidence-based care pathways enable them to address these challenges. By engaging, monitoring, and staying connected with patients across multiple episodes of care before, during and after hospitalization, patients can easily access their personalized digital care journey on their smartphones, tablets or computers and are self-guided via reminders, education, and progress tracking while providers receive alerts, monitor patients and access analytics to deliver better care.

“We are dedicated to building innovative software that addresses our customer needs and meets the rising demand for digital patient engagement solutions that easily scale across multiple service lines to serve all patient populations enabling our health system partners to reduce high-cost services, such as length of stay, readmissions, and ED visits,” said Dr. Joshua Liu, CEO/Co-founder, SeamlessMD. “The addition of these new care plans enables our customers to reduce surgery cancellations for colonoscopies and reduce the number of repeat ER visits and inpatient admissions due to mental health and addictions.”


About SeamlessMD

SeamlessMD provides the leading Digital Care Journey platform for hospitals and health systems to engage, monitor and stay connected with patients across healthcare journeys. 30+ clinical studies & evaluations have shown SeamlessMD to improve the patient experience while reducing hospital length of stay, readmissions, and ED visits. Health systems such as UAB, Intermountain, Atrium, University Hospitals, MultiCare, Baystate, Trillium Health Partners, William Osler Health System, Sunnybrook, and others use SeamlessMD to elevate the patient experience, improve outcomes and lower costs. Patients access digital care plans on their smartphones, tablets or computers and are guided via reminders, education, and progress tracking. Providers receive alerts, monitor patients and access analytics to deliver better care. SeamlessMD is directly integrated with EHRs such as Epic, Cerner, Meditech and Allscripts. SeamlessMD is recognized as a Top 5 Condition Specific Platform in the 2022 AVIA Connect Top 50 Remote Monitoring Companies Report. Learn more at www.seamless.md or follow SeamlessMD on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

1 Source: Mental Health Disorder Statistics | Johns Hopkins Medicine

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