SCHIMSS and SCHIMA Letter Writing Campaign

SCHIMSS and SCHIMA are collaborating this year to advocate for a greater focus on harnessing the power of health IT to transform the delivery of healthcare in South Carolina and address disparities in access to care. We are initiation a letter writing campaign to inform South Carolina legislators on three key areas:

1. Improve healthcare outcomes and decrease care disparities by addressing policies and funding to accelerate di-directional data sharing at the local and state levels.
2. Continue to support South Carolina’s groundbreaking work in telehealth by making all homes permanently reimbursable sites to telehealth visits.
3. Support and expand the efforts of Palmetto Care Connections and the South Carolina Telecommunication and Broadband Association to ensure that broadband access and necessary technologies are available to all South Carolina residents.

To support these essential healthcare delivery elements in South Carolina, please visit: Through this link you can send a personalized letter to your legislator on the importance of supporting these initiatives.

National HIMSS Letter Writing Campaign

HIMSS is asking all members to take action now by contacting our SC Representative to co-sponsor HR7663. This pivotal bill authorizes CMS:

  • Waive coverage restrictions during national emergencies;
  • Allows rural health clinics and FQHC to serve as a distant site in rural areas;
  • Allows the home of a beneficiary to serve as the originating site;
  • Requires the CMS report on the utilization of telehealth services used during COVID-19 public health emergency. Please use this link to take action now: