South Carolina Health Information Technology Day 2021

Co-sponsored by SCHIMA, SCHA, and SCHIMSS

Session Slides and Recordings Posted Here

Advocacy Letter Writing Campaign Open until November 15

Thanks to speakers, sponsors, and all who contributed to making the day a great success!

As promised, we are providing the presentation slides and recordings from the event. These presentations provide a wealth of information about state and national health information exchange (HIE)  capabilities and benefits. We hope you enjoy viewing or reviewing the content:

Presentation Slides:

  1. Christine Carr, Ken Deans and Krista Hinson, Advancing Health Information Exchange for South Carolina
  2. McSwain and Hager, Making Your Voice Heard—Advocating for Healthcare Change
  3. Mark Knee, National Progress Report on Health Information Sharing and Exchange
  4. Tiffany Ortiz – The Future of AHIMA & SCHIMA for 2021-22 –AHIMA’s Strategic Plan for Improving SC Health Information Sharing
  5. Betty Regan – HIE Advocacy Letter Writing Campaign


Recording #1(morning session) includes the introduction, and presentations A and B.

Recording #2 (afternoon session) includes sessions C and D and the letter writing campaign (E).

Making Your Voice Heard:

Link to Health Information Exchange Advocacy Campaign  

This HIMSS Website provides easy to follow instructions, automatically identifies your State legislators (based on your ZIP code), and provides a letter template that you can modify easily as you prefer.

Governor’s Proclamation:

South Carolina Health Information Technology Day, September 30,  2021

Please share at your workplace (if permitted) and on social media.