Proactive, Personalized and Equitable: Lucem Health’s Vision for a Holistic, AI-Driven Approach to SDoH

In the intricate tapestry of healthcare in the United States, barriers often prevent individuals from fully benefiting from the system, whether due to lack of access to transportation, financial constraints or other social determinants of health (SDoH). Lucem Health, which transforms patient care with AI-powered solutions, is working to integrate SDoH into treatment strategies.

We interviewed Conrad Gudmundson, Vice President, Strategy at Lucem Health. He shares the multifaceted impact of this integration on patient outcomes, the privacy measures in place and the pivotal role of combining diverse datasets for a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s health status.

How is Lucem Health enhancing patient outcomes through SDoH integration?

By integrating social determinants of health into healthcare treatment, Lucem Health aims to amplify patient engagement, emphasize preventive measures and ultimately achieve better health equity. One compelling application lies in the utilization of clinical and administrative data within the electronic health record (EHR). Innovative health systems are leveraging advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to identify patients at risk of developing health conditions due to various social factors. For example, the identification of hospital patients at risk of malnutrition allows for timely interventions at the point of care, not only improving patient outcomes but also reducing healthcare costs.

What are the possibilities as SHoH data matures and becomes more complete?

Lucem Health Reveal already harnesses the power of clinical AI to reveal hidden patient risks. The integration of diagnostic data such as labs, images, signals, video and sound with SDoH data holds the potential to predict disease progression. Furthermore, using SDoH data to tailor interventions for specific patients after identifying risks is seen as a critical aspect of a successful AI/ML deployment strategy in healthcare.

Where is the data sourced that Lucem Health uses?

Lucem Health currently relies on licensed and trained healthcare providers to input data into the EHR. However, we’re actively exploring potential collaborations with government agencies, community organizations, social service providers and data aggregators. These collaborations aim to enrich the information derived directly from healthcare systems, fostering a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the social determinants influencing health outcomes.

How important is protecting the privacy of patients?

Privacy is a paramount concern for Lucem Health. We strictly adhere to legal and ethical guidelines, ensuring confidentiality and privacy. Our platform is not only compliant with HIPAA attestation but also meets SOC 2 Type 2 standards. The data privacy measures include segregating data and services for each customer environment and adhering to best practices throughout the platform, from data ingestion and model orchestration to insight delivery.

We’re committed to integrating social determinants of health data with traditional clinical and payer data. The convergence of these diverse datasets facilitates a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s health status. This produces essential insights, enabling personalized care, efficient resource allocation and targeted interventions. We envision a future where the combination of these datasets empowers healthcare providers with the tools needed for a more personalized and efficient healthcare approach.

As the industry continues to evolve, how do you see Lucem Health fitting into the landscape?

In the pursuit of transforming healthcare, Lucem Health is leveraging data and technology to predict, prevent and intervene proactively in each patient’s healthcare journey. By prioritizing privacy, ensuring data accuracy and embracing collaborations for comprehensive data sourcing, we are poised to make a lasting impact on the landscape of healthcare. Lucem’s commitment to this holistic approach promises a future where healthcare is not just reactive but proactive, personalized and equitable.

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