Nick Patel, MD

Member At Large

Practicing internist for the past sixteen years at Prisma Health. It’s the largest, most comprehensive, locally owned, non-profit hospital system in South Carolina.  Currently serves as the Chief Digital Officer at Prisma Health and Vice Chair for Innovation for USC Department of Medicine. Has have given multiple presentations around the country in topics ranging from Healthcare IT transformation, governance, workflow enhancements, health equity, and population health. Subject matter expert for multiple Fortune 500 tech companies, such as HP Inc., Microsoft, and Intel. Serves as a leader in defining and articulating a unique vision on the utilization and development of technology in healthcare. He currently serves on multiple advisory boards including HP Inc. (Healthcare), University of South Carolina College of Engineering & Computing, Kyruus, Perfect Serve, SC HIMSS, and Fraunhofer USA. He also has served as principal investigator on multiple IRB approved IT studies in conjunction with USC. Holds a clinical faculty position at the USC School of Medicine, Department of internal medicine and USC School of Engineering and Computing.

Currently serve as a member at large on the SC HIMSS for the past year. As a member, he hopes to utilize out of the box, agile thinking to define how we tackle the healthcare challenges in South Carolina with the use of technology.

Hobbies: 1. Playing with my kids, esp. making legos and watching sci-fi movies. 2. Race track driving 3. World Travel