Michael Archuleta, Trinidad Colorado resident, and technology leader has been re-appointed by the Polis-Primavera Administration as an eHealth Commissioner based on his unique and diverse insights, perspectives, and experience to advance administration health priorities through health IT and digital health. Michael has also been recently selected to chair the Rural Health IT Steering Committee. The goal of the committee is to convene the Office of eHealth Innovation and the Colorado Department of Healthcare Policy and Financing to the four main entities focused on rural connectivity work: Contexture, Colorado Rural Health Center, Quality Health Network, and Colorado Community Managed Care Network. As a re-appointed eHealth Commissioner Michael is still responsible for advising the Office of eHealth Innovation and steering Colorado’s Health IT Roadmap efforts on advancing Health Information Technology in Colorado.  

OeHI and the eHealth Commission have made significant progress in advancing Roadmap initiatives. To date, the Office of eHealth Innovation (OeHI) has invested over $22 million in critical health IT projects to support state health priorities. However, much work remains to reduce health disparities and increase health equity for ALL Coloradans. In the coming year, the eHealth Commissioners will be directly involved with refreshing the Office of eHealth Innovations Roadmap strategy to ensure this framework and projects pursued by OeHI support Colorado’s health equity goals and that maximizes state health IT infrastructure, policy, governance, and innovation effort.

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