HIMSS’s Women in Health IT Initiative: Celebrating Accomplishments. Advocating Change

dhinesDenise Hines, DHA, PMP, FHIMSS
CEO, eHealth Services Group

This year, HIMSS launched our Women in Health IT initiative to empower and equip women to achieve at their highest capabilities. Our initiative includes thought leadership on gender-based issues in health IT, “a room of one’s own” on Healthcare IT News, a Roundtable, educational programming at HIMSS events around the world, and an Awards program recognizing influential women.

The results of a 2015 HIMSS survey, with responses from 20,000 women in health IT on workplace, job satisfaction, recognition and opportunities to move up – coupled with 2016 thought leadership on gender-based pay inequalities – spoke clearly to HIMSS’s leadership, particularly Carla Smith and John Whelan, two HIMSS EVPs. HIMSS’s research has uncovered pressing needs for highly-credible thought leadership, community, education, and resources to achieve gender-based parity in our field. This presentation will describe the research leading to HIMSS’s initiative, early results of our initiative, and opportunities to engage meaningfully in making a difference in our sector.