FY 2016 Chapter Leadership

As you may recall, the SC HIMSS Chapter fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.  As a part of each new year, the Chapter, in accordance with its bylaws, holds elections for Chapter officers.  The Board and its officers in turn will appoint or confirm Chapter Committee Chairs, many of whom are, per our bylaws, voting members of the Board.  Similarly, our three Senior Ambassadors (also voting members of the Board) are appointed or confirmed.

This year the Officer positions up for election included the President-elect and Secretary.  A call for nominations went out to the membership in May.  It resulted in one nominee for each of the above positions.  Those nominees were:

  • Lisa Owens, President-elect
  • Michelle Hager, Secretary

Lisa has served in the Chapter for several years, most recently as Programs Chair, where she has greatly grown the depth and quality of our events.  Michelle has served, among other roles, as Chapter President, has led the Chapter’s Advocacy Committee, and has served as Eastern Region Chair of the HIMSS Chapter Advocacy Roundtable.

With no opposition, the nominees were confirmed by acclamation at the June 19th Board Meeting. At that meeting, the Board also confirmed the other chapter roles identified above. With that result, the SC HIMSS Chapter Board for FY 2016 consists of the following voting members:

  • Bob LaPorte, President
  • Lisa Owens, President-elect
  • Shari Donley, Past President
  • Michelle Hager, Secretary
  • Renee Tollison, Treasurer
  • Jackie Cox, Communications Chair
  • Brad Hager, Membership Chair
  • Angel Bourdon, Programs Chair
  • Kristina Mears, Sponsorship Chair
  • Brian Freedman, Lowcountry / PeeDee Senior Ambassador
  • Alan Nobles, Midlands Senior Ambassador
  • Pete Rogers, Upstate Senior Ambassador
  • Stephanie Case, Member At Large

The Board would like to recognize and thank outgoing Chapter President Frank Scafidi for his terrific leadership of the Chapter as President over the past two years and for his support of the Chapter in many ways for many years prior.  Though retired from his role as CIO at Tidelands, Frank continued to guide the Chapter through his term as Chapter President, a term that saw continuous improvement in the Chapter’s service to its members and a corresponding growth in and engagement by that membership.

Frank has decided to fully embrace retirement, and has chosen to scale down his role in the Chapter, deciding not to serve as Past President as is tradition.  The Chapter is fortunate that Shari Donley, who has served as Chapter President, Treasurer and (most recently) Secretary, is willing to fill this role, and thereby allow the Board to continue to benefit from her experience in this fashion.