Divurgent Launches Virtual COVID-19 Vaccination Support Center for Organizations Experiencing Significant Call Volumes Related to Scheduling

As organizations rollout vaccinations across their populations, many are exclusively scheduling through
patient portals –with this effort, organizations are seeing significant increases in call volumes

January 21, 2021 – Virginia Beach, VA – Divurgent, an international IT consulting company, announced today that it has launched and successfully deployed a Virtual Patient Support Solution to address call volumes related to COVID-19 vaccination scheduling. As many organizations have started to rollout their vaccinations and launch communication through patient portals and other virtual communication platforms, a significant influx of inbound calls has followed.

Using the firm’s formidable capabilities in large-scale, rapid deployment support solutions, they have quickly stood up virtual patient support capabilities to take inbound calls and help patients activate, register, and navigate patient portals to schedule COVID-19 vaccination appointments. Clients can maintain vaccination distribution schedules and unburden internal staff who would otherwise triage and address all support calls. Divurgent is currently supporting vaccination deployment efforts for a New York client by handling inbound calls related to Epic MyChart activation and support.

“We’re hearing from our clients, and in true Divurgent nature, we’re coming to the table with a solution that’s easy-to-stand up with low organizational effort and high organization impact” said Dr. Sam Hanna, Executive Vice President Consulting Services & Innovation and Chief Strategy Officer, “we did this seamlessly in New York and are excited to be offering it more broadly to organizations facing the same business problem, which we know many are.”

Divurgent previously announced a similar virtual patient support model intended to assist organizations with converting office visits to telemedicine appointments.

Key benefits of the solution include:
• Rapid deployment with support centers standing up and fully operational within 72 hours, using a company’s existing PBX system or Divurgent’s
• Ability to scale call center agents up or down based on call volumes and wait times
• Effortless integration with an organization’s existing team and already-trained agents ready tosupport patients
• Insightful analytics that show real-time progress on technology activations and successful scheduling of appointments
• Customer-focused agents that work with patients of all kinds, helping them through the first critical step in the vaccination process with the goal of getting all of our communities back to normal
• Flexibility to pivot from inbound call support to outreach as needed based on daily availability of doses, prevention of dosage expiration or wastage, and compliance for completion of vaccination with second doses

Divurgent offers this focused, timely solution under their larger solution umbrella of Technology Support and Optimization, and the scale of the solution extends to all forms of inbound call management and patient outreach. Because of the timely nature of this solution, please follow this link to learn more about the solution and to schedule a consultation to understand how to deploy this at your own organization.

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