Damo Consulting launches digital maturity model for health systems

Damo Consulting launches DigiMTM, a digital maturity model and an online self-assessment tool for health systems. With this first-of-its-kind maturity assessment tool, health systems can benchmark their digital transformation programs against peer health systems at an enterprise level.

Damo Consulting, the leading digital transformation and growth advisory firm for healthcare enterprises and technology firms, today announced the launch of DigiMTM, an online assessment tool for health systems looking to benchmark their digital transformation efforts.

The assessment tool is linked to a digital maturity framework that categorizes the digital transformation strategy of health systems based on four model stages. Model 1 enterprises rely exclusively on their EHR platforms to drive digital strategy. Model 2 entities go beyond EHR platforms to assess best-in-class stand-alone tools to drive digital patient engagement. Models 3 and 4 represent health systems that appoint a dedicated digital transformation leader and drive digital initiatives as part of a comprehensive, enterprise-wide strategy that addresses the front-end and back-end aspects of technology-enabled digital transformation.

“The early findings from the assessments indicate that while leading health systems have made significant progress with dedicated leadership and budgets for a comprehensive digital roadmap, many continue to drive digital initiatives as an extension of their EHR implementation and optimization efforts,” said Paddy Padmanabhan, CEO of Damo Consulting and co-author of Healthcare Digital Transformation: How Consumerism, Technology, And Pandemic Are Accelerating the Future.

“We have seen strong interest for the DigiMTM maturity assessment tool which is based on the 4-stage maturity model that we had developed earlier. Digital leaders are interested in a tool that could help them evaluate the maturity levels of their digital transformation programs relative to their peers in the marketplace using the 4-stage model as a reference point,” continued Padmanabhan.

“The industry as a whole is still in the early stages of the digital transformation journey,” said Sara Vaezy, Chief Digital Strategy Officer of Providence. “As consumerism begins to take hold, standardized models and assessment tools that enable healthcare leaders to benchmark their performance against best-in-class—both within and beyond the healthcare sector—will become increasingly important.”

“Health systems that have taken our DigiMTM assessment have always appreciated the level of insight they get out of the benchmarking data. The assessment tool has served as a catalyst for validating and rethinking priorities for enterprise digital roadmaps,” added Padmanabhan. “Based on the responses we have had to date, we are able to analyze data across health systems of various sizes across the country and develop benchmarking insights that are helping digital leaders evaluate evolve their own digital transformation journeys.”

To learn more about the DigiMTM maturity model and assessment tool, visit: https://www.damoconsulting.net/2021/02/12/assessing-digital-maturity-the-digimtm-digital-maturity-model-for-health-systems/#formid

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