By Tim Stettheimer, PH.D., CHCIO, FCHIME, LCHIME, FACHE, VP, Education

CHIME is introducing a new and exciting education opportunity open to any member of CHIME, CHIME’s associations, the CHIME Foundation and their team members. CHIME’s mission “to advance and serve healthcare leaders and the industry …” is only possible when all participants hold a core set of skills and understanding. The CHIME Leadership Series is a set of education offerings focused on core capabilities needed by every health IT leader. 

Most courses will be offered during the summer of 2020 at locations in Clearwater, Fla., and Los Angeles, Calif. Additionally, some courses will be offered immediately prior to the 2020 CHIME Fall Forum in San Antonio, Texas. This education will be led by senior CHIME faculty members and include experts from the areas of study being highlighted. Attendance is limited to 25 attendees each day (waiting lists are available). 

If you are new to healthcare or healthcare IT, or if you would like to develop a more executive-level and in-depth understanding of these key healthcare areas, these courses are designed to meet your needs. After attending a course, you will have the understanding, terminology, methods and skills to feel comfortable in each area. Attendees can sign up for any or all of the courses offered – significant discounts are available for multi-course enrollment. This is also a great opportunity to send members of your team for targeted education that will help them improve skills and add new capabilities to their job skillset.

Courses with descriptions now open for registration include:

Course Title Course Description Course Locations & Dates
Healthcare and Technology Finance


Through this course attendees will understand and apply financial principles to the area of healthcare IT. The course begins with an overview of Healthcare Economics as well as Financial Management in Healthcare Provider Systems. After this foundation, the following topics are explained:

·         Revenue Cycle Processes, Financial Technologies, Fundamentals of Tax Status Implications

·         Supply Chain Issues, Cost Accounting Basics, Charges and Reimbursement, as well as Medicare, Medicaid and Private Payor participation is explained.

·         Creating, Managing and Optimizing Healthcare IT Operational Budgets & Healthcare IT Capital Budgets as well as Revenue Enhancement Possibilities in IT

Los Angeles: July 13-14

Clearwater: July 27-28

Healthcare Technology Benchmarking & Analytics


In this course, attendees will explore different types of data and resources to assist in the benchmarking of their IT organization. After completion of this course, participants will be able to understand Technology, People and Process Analytics. Also, attendees will be able to assess the value of standard and custom reports as well as internal and external dashboards. Attention will be given to creating a metric-driven culture with a goal of introducing improvement capability into an organization. 


Los Angeles: July 14-15

Clearwater: July 28-29

San Antonio: Nov. 9

Cybersecurity Leadership


Healthcare IT leaders are consistently tasked with simultaneously keeping up with the state of cybersecurity in healthcare, developing and implementing plans for their organizations and educating their organizations and board members about the impact of cybersecurity on IT plans and practices. This course will cover the current healthcare cybersecurity landscape, including the next generation of secure healthcare, the unprecedented risk and current cyberthreats, the top five risks in healthcare, current cyber risk initiatives and the cost of security. Other topics addressed include: how to effectively prepare for a breach, key security objectives for each area of the healthcare enterprise and organizational approaches to creating appropriate security processes, accountabilities and controls.  Finally, attendees will receive tools to allow them to integrating security programs into the fabric of their organization.  Los Angeles: July 15-16

Clearwater: July 29-30

San Antonio: Nov. 9


Executive Communication for IT Leaders


Unclear or inappropriate communication can create confusion and unnecessary turmoil within any organization.  This course addresses this challenge through an intense attendee experience focused on personal communication practices, effective meeting management methods, on-stage presentations of best practices and multi-channel communication approaches. Organizational communication skills will be acquired for audiences ranging from the IT team to the board of directors.


Los Angeles: July 16-17

Clearwater: July 30-31

Healthcare Technology Policy and Advocacy


State- and national-level policy making significantly impacts all healthcare organizations. In this course, attendees gain an understanding of the current healthcare IT policy landscape as well as issues impacting health and care in their communities. After completing this course, attendees will be able to design an advocacy plan within their organization and know how to engage on multiple fronts with healthcare policy initiatives.


San Antonio: Nov. 9


For more information and to regiser, please visit CHIME’s in-peson events page here.

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