Censinet Announces Free Program to Help Healthcare ProvidersQuickly Assess Risks with New Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Vendors

New PPE Third-Party Risk Assessment Program Allows Healthcare Organizations to Quickly and Securely Assess and On-Board PPE Vendors

Boston – June 18, 2020Censinet, the leading collaborative risk network for healthcare providers, today announced a new free program that will enable healthcare providers to quickly assess the security risks of new personal protective equipment (PPE) vendors. Any healthcare provider can now request access to the Censinet Third-Party Vendor Risk Management Network of more than 5,000 healthcare suppliers and their 7,000+ products, which enables one-click risk assessments capabilities and measures the risk of vendors in the PPE supply chain.

On March 27, the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a warning about the increase in potential fraud of COVID-19-related medical equipment, urging healthcare providers to “exercise due diligence and appropriate caution when dealing with any vendors with whom they have never worked and/or of which they’ve never heard, and when relying on unidentified third-party brokers in the supply chain.” The new program from Censinet will help providers detect fraudulent vendors while streamlining the onboarding of legitimate PPE vendors. As a result, healthcare providers will be able to more quickly and safely integrate qualified vendors into their third-party ecosystem in order to expedite the delivery of critical protective equipment.

“During a global pandemic, every minute spent conducting cumbersome administrative processes like manually researching vendor security risk is a minute taken away from delivering care or protecting healthcare workers on the front lines,” said Ed Gaudet, founder and CEO of Censinet. “Even worse, threat actors have quickly mobilized to take advantage of gaps in the PPE supply chain. We want healthcare providers to devote all of their time and resources to protecting their patients and their employees, which is why we’re offering the free use of the Censinet Platform to assess potential PPE vendors for risk and to simplify the onboarding process for legitimate vendors.”

Censinet is working with vendors new to the PPE supply chain, and others serving expanded needs related to the global pandemic, to ensure their risk assessments are available in advance. Once included, those vendors’ risk assessments will become part of the Censinet Digital Vendor Catalog™ which includes risk assessments on more than 5,000 healthcare suppliers of over 7,000 products, allowing healthcare providers to easily access the information they need to make decisions based on accurate, real-time data with one click. Brand new vendor risk assessments are typically completed in five days or less. Previously established NIOSH-approved manufacturers of N95 masks are already in the digital catalog. A list of hundreds of PPE and pandemic-related specialty vendors will be shared with healthcare organizations who start using the Censinet platform, as a resource to quickly find alternative supply chain options.

Censinet has curated a new standardized questionnaire designed to determine the authentic nature of PPE that is now available to any healthcare organization (HCO) that wants to safeguard their purchases as being from legitimate suppliers. Additionally, a corrective action plan for remediation can be automatically generated for HCOs evaluating any vendor whose questionnaire responses indicate a risky situation. As a result, healthcare organizations do not need to devote critical time and resources to developing the risk criteria they will measure when evaluating unfamiliar vendors. This special open access license for the Censinet Platform will also allow providers to add new vendors to the Censinet vendor catalog and initiate a risk assessment of their products, and to assess new products from established vendors.

Qualified healthcare organizations interested in learning more or utilizing the PPE risk assessment program can visit: https://www.censinet.com/PPE

About Censinet

Censinet provides the first and only third-party risk management platform built by and for healthcare providers to manage the threats to patient care that exist within an expanding ecosystem of vendors. With its unique Censinet One-click Assessment™ capabilities and Digital Vendor Catalog, the Censinet Platform reduces the time to assess vendor risk from weeks to seconds, while automating inefficient workflows and providing continuous real-time insights into the changing risk profile of each vendor. Censinet is based in Boston, MA and can be found at https://www.censinet.com/



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