Capsule Technologies Announces Generation 3 Vitals Plus Patient Monitor


ANDOVER, MA — FEBRUARY 18, 2021 — Capsule Technologies announced today the release of the third generation Vitals Plus patient monitoring and clinical documentation solution of the company’s Medical Device Information Platform (MDIP). Vitals Plus, together with MDIP, simplifies workflows and enhances operational efficiency, supporting proactive care.

Vitals Plus generation 3 features Capsule’s Neuron 3 state-of-the-art computing hub, which includes a glossy, highly responsive, edge-to-edge touchscreen. The new monitor also features a more powerful processor and an updated operating system for faster performance, while also providing enhanced security and increased resiliency versus its predecessor.

Consistent user-focused design enhancements to the hardware and software over the years have helped Vitals Plus monitors earn consistently high System Usability Scale scores and high user ratings from nurses and other clinicians. The recent additions of capnography monitoring and the new waveform display help in managing respiratory compromised patients. Combining continuous monitoring with remote clinical surveillance or other downstream systems makes patient vitals data available for analysis and awareness of developing clinical conditions.

“The third generation Vitals Plus is the embodiment of our original vision for producing a world-class monitoring and documentation solution that fulfills the needs of clinicians, hospitals and non-critical care patients,” said Kevin Phillips, vice president of product management and marketing at Capsule Technologies. “The latest version of our trusted, integrated solution further solidifies Capsule’s commitment to simplify every aspect of the monitoring process to enhance patient safety while minimizing manual data entry so clinicians can increase time they spend on face-to-face care.”

Vitals Plus generation 3 is fully interoperable in installations currently comprised of generation 2 monitors, making the latest version ideal for expansion and/or replacement. The new Vitals Plus generation 3 will begin shipping in the U.S. in May 2021 and then in other countries worldwide as required regulatory authorizations are obtained.

About Capsule Technologies

Capsule Technologies is a leading global provider of medical data technologies for hospitals and healthcare organizations. Our Medical Device Information Platform — comprised of device integration, vital signs monitoring, and clinical surveillance solutions — captures streaming clinical data from connected systems and transforms it into context-rich information for clinical documentation, alarm management, patient surveillance, decision support, predictive analytics, clinical research and more. End-to-end data management and connectivity support better collaboration and communication between clinicians and departments. More than 2,800 global clients leverage our platform to improve patient safety, simplify workflows and raise overall satisfaction throughout the hospital and across care settings. Learn more at capsuletech.com.

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